Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm Such A Looser!!

I know you all are shocked!  she blogged, i'm shocked as well so bare with me ok, where to start i don't know.

There is not much going on here in Craig, other then that Sherry Cox has moved back here i'm so glad, because i have someone to visit with does that make sense? I like fellowshipping with people not that my daughter isn't good enough it's just that i need adult time to encourage me, and i them, she has helped a bunch, now that she is living in the church we have been having services there which is good also, we started a ladies bible study every other week, so pray that it goes well here in Craig.

Hannah graduates this year shocking huh? it is for me, she has accomplished a lot, and i am so proud of her she is turning into a lovely woman after God's heart hopefully, we are trying to save for B.T.I. so pray that we can go this year it would be so good if we could.

Lately I have had this song on my heart "Thank You Lord For Your Blessing on Me" I've heard Mona Montoya, and Sister Smith sing it,  The Lord has giving me so many blessings I don't deserve, we take so many things for granted we forget to thank God for them like a roof over our heads, and shoes on our feet, so this song has met a lot to me these few weeks.

The thing I most don't like is snow we have so much of it i am tired of seeing it i want summer is that bad to ask? I hope not, we have gotten a lot lately and we are going to get more this weekend, spring come now please.

I will try my best to keep blogging pray for me ok.. God Bless


Tammy K. said...

Look at you. Your so good. I need to learn from you and post on my blog. I am a loser too. :-) I can't believe Hannah is graduating. That is cool. Good job mom and Hannah. I got a lot of schooling years ahead of me. KInda scary.

Rebekah said...

Wow, so good to hear some news about your life! I'm so glad Sherry is back and you've got someone to visit with--and that you're able to have services in the church again. I will pray things will work out for you to go to BTI again.

Vicki Smith said...

Hey, girl! I heard about your automobile accident. I'm SO THANKFUL you guys weren't hurt bad.

Thanks for posting. I'm so proud of you for homeschooling Hannah and teaching her to love the Lord. And I'm proud of Hannah for the beautiful woman of God she is becoming.

I'm happy for you, AND for Sister Sherry, that you guys can visit together and work in the Church together.

I love you!