Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm Such A Looser!!

I know you all are shocked!  she blogged, i'm shocked as well so bare with me ok, where to start i don't know.

There is not much going on here in Craig, other then that Sherry Cox has moved back here i'm so glad, because i have someone to visit with does that make sense? I like fellowshipping with people not that my daughter isn't good enough it's just that i need adult time to encourage me, and i them, she has helped a bunch, now that she is living in the church we have been having services there which is good also, we started a ladies bible study every other week, so pray that it goes well here in Craig.

Hannah graduates this year shocking huh? it is for me, she has accomplished a lot, and i am so proud of her she is turning into a lovely woman after God's heart hopefully, we are trying to save for B.T.I. so pray that we can go this year it would be so good if we could.

Lately I have had this song on my heart "Thank You Lord For Your Blessing on Me" I've heard Mona Montoya, and Sister Smith sing it,  The Lord has giving me so many blessings I don't deserve, we take so many things for granted we forget to thank God for them like a roof over our heads, and shoes on our feet, so this song has met a lot to me these few weeks.

The thing I most don't like is snow we have so much of it i am tired of seeing it i want summer is that bad to ask? I hope not, we have gotten a lot lately and we are going to get more this weekend, spring come now please.

I will try my best to keep blogging pray for me ok.. God Bless

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Survived!!

Yes i survived a visit from my sister, she came up and stayed over a week, and i survived it.
I just wish she would give her life back to the Lord her life would be great help me pray for her, we didn't do anything special while she was here, we are such boring people, not many people know I have a twin so when she came with me to Hannah's coop class everyone was shocked it was kinda funny actually their faces, but it didn't take long before they figured out we don't have the same mannerisms our lives are totally different enough of that.

Well not much has been happening here lately just the same thing we haven't gotten much snow everybody else has but we haven't got an inch of anything its been cold but thats all its been its looking bad for when summer gets here no moisture going to be fires camping isnt going to be fun without a camp fire not that we go camping or anything but a lot of people up here do so we need moisture, you people back east need to send it our way we sure could use it.

Have I said lately how much I love my daughter I'm so blessed to have her she is such a good help around here i take for granted how much of a help she really is to this old woman Ha! I look at the other young girls here in town and i thank God mine loves the Lord and doesn't roam around town and is rebellous she hardly talks to anyone the kids at the homeschool coop trys to get her to talk thats ok some of them i wouldn't want her to if they talk about God now she would have a confersation with them about God, but to hang out she wouldn't.

Well I think I said about all thats been going on here until the next time God Bless...

Friday, February 6, 2015

Another Post!!!

It's been a week since posting, so I better think of something my life isn't as exciting as some are pretty much boring, but I promised to do good about blogging.

We have been babysitting and going to Hannah's co-op class on wednesdays we spend all day there so its gets pretty tiring and the day is shot, I finished crocheting Sister Jamey's baby blanket working on the hat to go with it now i am almost done then i can send it to her yeah so glad its been awhile getting it done now i have to make another one my cousin just had a baby it never ends, but i love to crochet i know i'm not making any sense right? oh well.

I'm so amazed at how God has been providing for us sometimes i just don't know what to say or do to thank Him for all He's done for us, sometimes i get discouraged, and then a song will come on the radio that lifts me up i'm an old fashioned person when it comes to listening to music i like southern gospel the old songs that get u in a worship spirit have to be careful to what you listen to some songs are not what they bring out so we need to discern which is good and not. Hannah is getting better on the piano so she's been picking songs out to play the piano teacher she had moved away so we had to search for another one I wanted someone who could teach her hymns and that is a christian God answered prayer there we found one sh's a pastors wife of one of the churches here in Craig, actually we bought our church building from them so she has been teaching Hannah and knows what we want.

On the last note pray for Gerald & His uncle that they have a lot of dishions to make pray that they make the right ones. God Bless until nest time......

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Long Time No Hear

Well its been forever since i blogged i'm kinda afraid to, but I told Sister Smith I would try, so here goes.

We just got back from Pueblo, visiting while Gerald and a few guys went to men retreat, me and Hannah stayed in pueblo, nothing fun just got away from Craig a few days, no girl party so sad for this girl, maybe next year right.

Hannah is a junior this year unreal that time flies by, she is doing great shes a slacker sometimes have to tell to get on the ball, we are going to try to go to B. T. I. this year we are saving up our babysitting money so we can go please help us pray that we are able to go I really think Hannah would grow spiritually so would I if you want the truth, so Sister Smith if you have room for us we would love to stay with you,(please) I promise I would be good, Ha! Ha!..

The Lord has sure been good to us I don;t know what I would do without Him life would not be good for sure. The church up here is going we have some faithful ones come and not so faithful but God is dealing with some so keep us in your prayers this year so that we could be more of a light to this town.. God Bless You until next time..

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ladies Retreat!!

This year Hannah got to go with me, and boy was she ever excited more so then me, we left Thursday afternoon got to Bro. & Sister Hays house around 5ish, got up the next day stopped in pueblo picked up a couple ladies there and headed on our way to Las Vegas NM. we met some ladies in Las Vegas to eat before we got to camp stayed and chatted a bit you know how some ladies can get when they get to talking  then headed to camp boy is it a long thirty minute drive up there you get to thinking are we ever going to get there it was a pretty drive up there good thing but some ladies didn't like the drive up there though it is a very curvy drive no center line so when another car passes you have to be careful not much room ok enough of that..

Sister Emilee did a fabulous job moderating she is awesome, we had some very good services the devotions was great the messages were inspiring I just loved everything even prayer group was good I know Hannah enjoyed it there was three other young girls her age there so she wasn't alone, and fun time was fun Ha! Ha!
 I was so glad to get to see Sister Smith and Sister Alene Cox  I love those two ladies so much, I had to be good, and I was to.

"Paid In Full" was the theme this year so fitting cuz that's how I feel Jesus paid my debt when he died on that cruel tree for me I am ever so grateful for His Amazing Love for me....God Bless!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Sorry folks my internet was down finally got it working again, I waited to get it fixed when convention was over and we got back home.  I didn't realize it has been awhile since I last posted
I am bad I know remember I am al most 51 so that's my excuse.

The convention was very good felt a sweet spirit all the way through, the journey there well it was a different story I won't bore you with the details, got home Monday at 4 p.m the dogs could care less if we came home they didn't greet us at all crazy dogs..

Did I tell you all we planted a garden this year it is doing great I will have to take a picture and show u all we did great the last couple of years we just decided we will keep doing it. The neighbors love it when we do feeds us that's all that matters right? I shouldn't be blogging I should be getting things done our overseer and His family is coming tonight, oh well a little break won't hurt.

Hannah is going to be 15 in a few days Wow! where does time go she will be getting her permit shortly not ready for this, She is a very sweet girl so not me oh well she is who she is by God's handy work I know I am not making any sense I am trying to hurry and write this ,we are so proud of her she is going to be in the 10th grade this coming school year love her so much...

Not much going on here in Craig, just trying to raise funds to go to family camp hopefully we can make it by God's help we will, pray for us here in Craig, we want to be a light here...
I just realized nothing in this post makes any sense at all but u get what I am saying hopefully..

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

We serve a Risen Saviour;
 I hope everyone had a good service today celebrating our Risen Saviour, we had a good service this morning felt a good spirit through out, To know that Christ went through all that He had to go through for me took all those beatings so that i could have eternal life if i serve Him is a humbling feeling I hope I can be the person He wants me to be.

I fixed ham, stuffing, scalloped potatoes, homemade bread and stuffed eggs, for lunch I didn't fix dessert though maybe later, things have been busy lately we have been babysitting a lot lately, I also finished crocheting Sis. Emilee a baby blanket and got her a few other things and mailed it out friday so hopefully she will get it soon, and I am working on a rag quilt for Sis. Tammy kaufman she is probably wondering when she is going to get it, soon I hope..

I can't believe it is going to be April already Spring is finally here in Craig, it is pretty warm today anyway, time to get our garden ready it did so good last year we are going to do it again, we plant different stuff each year to see what does better here, this year i want to try turnips I love them,

Well I hope everyone hasd a good and prosperous week, God Bless